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Buffalo Nickels for Sale

Issued from 1913-1938, the Buffalo Nickel was a fitting tribute to the Native American and was an instant hit with consumers and collectors.  On the obverse is the powerful bust of an Indian, with the Buffalo, or Bison, on the reverse. Its designer, James Earle Fraser, experienced the 19th-century Western Frontier as the son of a railroad engineer in South Dakota. When invited in 1911 to submit a design for a new U.S. nickel, he deliberately chose a composite of three Native American chiefs for the obverse which depicts a large, powerful portrait of an Indian, facing to the right. The reverse features an American Bison named Black Diamond, who was a resident of the New York Zoological Park and  served as the model. By creating the Buffalo Nickel, Fraser was able to honor and preserve an important part of our American history. Order one today!

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